Meet our Team

With decades of combined experience, the team at West Front Strategies understands government at all levels. Each partner has served in senior roles in government, providing the knowledge and the know-how to achieve results for our clients.


Ashley Davis

Ashley was most recently managing principal of a top government affairs firm in Washington, DC. She has represented a broad range of Fortune 500 clients in various sectors concentrating in Healthcare, Energy, Homeland Security, Education, International Trade and Government Business.

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Ashley works and represents many clients in front of the Energy and Commerce, Health, Education Labor and Pensions, Ways and Means and Finance Committees in both the House and the Senate. She has been active in all of the most recent healthcare laws passed by the House and the Senate.

Ashley served in the White House in several capacities, including as Special Assistant to Director of Homeland Security Tom Ridge and Deputy Director of Management and Administration. She was a member of the Bush-Cheney Transition Team, after working on the Republican National Convention, Bush-Cheney 2000, and on the Florida recount.  She sits on various boards of directors and is active in fundraising for the Republican Party.


Malloy McDaniel

Malloy brings over 13 years of experience working in Senate Leadership to West Front Strategies. Prior to joining WFS, Malloy served as a policy advisor to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). In this role, Malloy advised Leader McConnell on legislation relevant to business groups, trade associations and large coalitions. Malloy developed legislative and communication strategies with the business community on technology, health care, taxes, energy, and financial reform issues.

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Prior to his service in the Leader’s Office, he worked as a Whip Liaison for Senate Majority Whip Mitch McConnell, where he helped build the whip operation from the ground up. On a daily basis, he worked to assist individual senators with their legislative needs and to track members’ voting positions on legislation as it came to the Senate floor.

Malloy also worked for former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-MS) as the Republican Floor Assistant and a Cloakroom Assistant. In this capacity, he advised senators on daily floor proceedings and parliamentary procedure.


Kristi Remington

Kristi has extensive experience developing policy, legislative, and political strategies from the perspective of Congress, the administration, and the private sector. She represents clients before Congress and the administration and provides strategic consulting and government advocacy in connection with a broad range of issues, including intellectual property, privacy and security, technology, telecommunications, and antitrust and competition. She also represents clients in congressional investigations.

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Kristi served as a deputy assistant attorney general in the Office of Legal Policy at the Department of Justice. In this position she was responsible for planning, developing, and coordinating legal policy and strategic initiatives, and interacting with the White House, Executive Branch agencies, and Congress on policy development and implementation. Ms. Remington shepherded numerous policy initiatives through the interagency process for the Administration, including the Identity Theft Task Force, Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act, Combat Methamphetamine Act, CALEA amendments, and legislation related to restitution and forfeiture. Likewise, she worked closely with Congress on legislative initiatives within the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice. She was also responsible for the coordination of the judicial selection process for federal judges, working with the White House Counsel’s Office in the selection and vetting of judicial nominees. She prepared judicial nominees and Department of Justice witnesses for appearances before congressional committees. She was a core member of the team that achieved the successful confirmations of Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito to the Supreme Court.

Prior to her service at the Department of Justice, Kristi served as Senior Counsel on the House Government Reform Committee, where she formulated and carried out oversight plans, including planning and supervising investigations and hearings. She was also a senior associate at a Washington, DC law firm, focusing on legislative affairs, with major clients in the telecommunications and energy industries.


Shimmy Stein

Shimmy represents clients throughout a wide range of industries on government relations including matters related to tax, financial services, pension and international trade. Before leaving the Capitol Hill, Shimmy served as senior policy advisor to then House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) and the primary policy liaison between the Majority Leader’s office, the House Republican Leadership, and the Ways and Means, Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and Select Intelligence Committees.

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In this position, Shimmy was responsible for developing and implementing public policy objectives and strategies on important issues for the Republican Leadership and the Republican Conference. He played a key role in policy debates regarding tax, trade, defense, and other economic-related legislation. In addition, he also worked with the business community to build coalitions and develop support for floor votes and major policy initiatives.

Prior to the inception of West Front Strategies, Shimmy worked for three years as a principal at Blank Rome Government Relations.  In addition to his working for Congressman Cantor, Shimmy was an advisor to Senator John Ashcroft (R-MO) and then-Representative Jim Talent (R-MO). He also worked at the United States Department of Justice as the Special Assistant to the Director of the Office of State and Local Domestic Preparedness Support.