Innovative, Bipartisan,
and Results-Driven

Our Mission

West Front Strategies adopts the goals, objectives, and challenges of our clients as our own. This approach is the foundation of our success. We bring strategic expertise, in depth policy knowledge, and relationships across both political aisles, with the agility of a principal driven firm. Whether it is advocacy and analysis, strategic planning, or coalition management, we get the job done.

We are Innovative

Today’s businesses face complex policy issues. We listen to our clients, do our homework, and create a unique strategy to match the client’s issue. We recognize that policymakers do not always understand the business perspective. We use our first-hand knowledge of the legislative and administrative process in Washington to achieve success for our clients. Our exceptional reach and extraordinary knowledge set us apart from our peers.

We are Bipartisan

With the changing dynamics of politics, there is one constant – it takes bipartisanship to get things done in Washington. West Front Strategies is uniquely positioned to help our clients navigate these challenges. We provide an understanding of both Republican and Democratic viewpoints and have a record of building bipartisan efforts.

We are Results-Driven

At West Front Strategies, our clients’ priorities are our priorities. We are an extension of our clients’ organizations, whether it is boots-on-the-ground lobbying or long-term strategic planning. As a team, we will set specific, measurable goals and develop an action plan for success.


In the News

A prominent group of five lobbyists… has formed its own bipartisan boutique shop on K Street.

“In forming this new group, we will build upon our past success by providing strategic expertise, in depth policy knowledge, relationships across both political aisles, with the agility of a principal driven firm.”

— The Hill 1/5/15